THEY ARE ANGRY! Aggrieved Fans Vent on King Promise

the advisors of King Promise failed him; in fact, the artiste failed himself by failing to turn up for a paid event and released a lousy statement to justify his action.

As expected, he made himself the sacrificial lamb by taking the heat off Wizkid, the headline act who failed to show up. The most infuriating bit is when he released a statement just hours after that of Wizkid.

Parons, who are still feeling the pain of wasting time, resources and money for a concert that never was – vented on the Ghanaian artiste.

Some expressed their disdain for the artiste while others vowed not to show up his annual ‘PromiseLand’ concert slated for December 23.

He has received harsh criticism on social media for abandoning his own people in favor of bootlicking Wizkid.

Cringy 🥴

— Naa (@OyooQuartey) December 11, 2022

The only show I wanted to go for this December was promise land. Not anymore 🚶🏾‍♀️

— Dearie💕 (@Fa_Fa_Li) December 11, 2022

Be your own person and stop following wizkid around, Jon boy. You bailed on your own people

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