The Boy Who Knows Where The ‘Taadi’ Girls Are – Socrate Safo Writes

By Socrate Safo


As many as have taken upon themselves to comment and analyze the debacle of the Takoradi girls, it seems good to me also, having followed the drama from its initial stages to also share my thoughts.

Firstly, let me sympathize with the family of the girls.

My heart bleeds anytime I chance on their story in the media space. I have followed how political commentators have also managed to garnish the served story with political spices to score political points.

My biggest worry is how the family are said to be angry with the government.

A news item has it that one of the bereaved family members refused to talk to the President when he called to console them after the police announced the results of the DNA. I’m wondering why they are angry, that’s if it’s the story is true.

I agree that, these girls are Ghanaians, therefore the Police were to use all available resources and Intel find and protect them.

Following the narrative available to the public, I understand the Police were informed of the crime when it happened. Yes, it was reported, they managed to arrest one suspect who managed to escape jail and was rearrested by the same police again.

The suspects were put before court. The police managed to arrest one of the suspects outside the country and brought him to face charges and help with the investigation. As the case went to court and the investigation and interrogation went on, the police stormed a location and discovered human remains.

Surprisingly, this finding rather infuriated a section of the public. Instead of applauding the Police they rather chastised them for faking the discovery. Some commentators claim the Police even planted the skeletons in the septic tank where they were discovered.

In the midst of all these, the Police CID Head, Madam Tiwa Addo Dankwah also popped in with her infamous statement of finding the girls.  Today, here we are; it is clear by the announcement by the Police Boss that the girls are dead and that has sparked another spill of venom on the Force.

Poor Ghana Police – policing a country of Thirty Million ‘Security Experts and Lawyers’.

Police all over the world rely on information from informants to trace and unravel crime. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they fail. They are not a bunch of magicians who possess super natural powers to see the unseen or and know the unknown.

There is only one guy I’ve come across in recent times who can read minds and can see with his blindfolded eyes.

His name is AK, he is not a Prophet neither is he a magician. He call himself ‘THE BOY WHO KNOWS. He will be at the Snap Cinema on 28th September 2019 at exactly 7pm.I have seen him read minds and do some strange performance that beats my imagination.

I asked him to tell me the truth about the ‘Taadi’ girls, He smiled and said I should meet him at The Snap Cinema, situated in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly City Hall, near Kinbu Garden gardens, Accra. Well, I will be there to ask him in front of everybody where the Taadi girls are. I pray the media would be there too!

Back to the issue;

The families should try appreciate the efforts of the Police Service for finding the remains of their daughters. Is that not commendable?

Check the records all over the world, there are millions of missing people who have not been traced for years. The FBI, KGB, Scotland Yard and other renowned security agencies across the world have thousands of such cases.

The statement from the CID boss which has been tagged as reckless is unfortunate. In crime combat, such announcements are pushed to the public domain for its strategic effect. Sometimes, to confuse the criminals and also serve as a decoy. It is sad how we are ridiculing our hard working Police Service in this saga.

My heart bleeds with the bereaved families, I don’t know how I would have handled it if it happened to me, (May it never happened to any family) but let’s make sure we don’t demoralize those who sacrifice their comfort and lives to keep us safe.

May God guide and keep us all safe and let’s meet at the Snap Cinema, located at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly City Hall near Kinbu Gardens. Accra.

On the 28th September 2019. 7pm Sharp.


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