TAKEN OFF! Captain Smart ‘Kicked Out’ of Adom FM – Here Is Why!

Yesterday, exclusively broke the story of the interdiction of Multimedia Adom FM’s maverick journalist, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, popularly known on radio as Captain Smart. We promised to bring you the details, and we have.

Captain Smart’s interdiction was to take immediate effect from yesterday, Wednesday, so listeners of Adom FM should not look forward to hearing Captain Smart’s voice on air on the station anytime soon.

According to the pristine information intercepted, the reason for Captain Smart’s interdiction was that he made (and is allegedly fond of making) some utterances on air on his Dwaso Nsem show which Multimedia Management received official complaints about, not once or twice but severally, and upon verification found to be false information, or information he had no evidence to back.

He repeated the same conduct on Monday May 7th 2018, and management had no option than to suspend him.

On all occasions, the management has drawn his attention to it and on occasions, he was warned by the management of the station to check some of his ‘facts’ before he put them out, as on occasions, he had no proof to back them when the claims were interrogated, learnt.

For some of his utterances on air, he was warned not to expose the station to lawsuits with his ‘sensational concoctions’ that excite his listeners against people who have reputations to protect when he had no facts or evidence to show- learnt- Captain Smart has allegedly persistently ignored their warnings, and continued on his path of parading ‘spurious’, false facts on issues, which were proven as indeed false- leading to his interdiction.

Management of Multimedia averred officially, that Captain Smart’s utterances on air was “designed to bring their business into disrepute”, hence their decision to interdict him.

For readers of who thought an interdiction was enough a ‘punishment’, wait for this: in the official communiqué announcing Captain Smart’s interdiction, the management of Adom FM said they are carrying out further investigations into his ‘reckless utterances’ on his Dwaso Nsem show and will apply more sanctions against him later!

The Morning Man’s interdiction

Multimedia used the opportunity to advise other members of the Multimedia fraternity to take a cue from this development with regards to Captain Smart’s case and do what is right at all times.

Readers of may recall that about a month and a half ago, we broke yet another news about the interdiction of another top morning show host within the Multimedia fraternity whose ‘crimes’ included fear-mongering, blackmail of top government officials from behind his privileged morning console, which led Multimedia to uproot the man from the ‘Morning Seat’ to a place now unknown – but outside multimedia. It is not yet clear if he will find his way back. Captain Smart joins him. will bring you more as developments unfold.

Check out the notice of Captain Smart’s interdiction below:

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