SWAG! I Don’t Want To Dress Old – Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s newfound fashion glow-up has everyone talking.

The talk show host has shared several viral outfits of the day in tapered slacks and tailored coats that have plenty of fans exclaiming that he “looks like money.” While Harvey recently revealed his wife, Marjorie Harvey, is to thank for the overall revamped appearance, his flex is also tethered to his desire to keep feeling and looking goo,d as opposed to feeling and appearing outdated.

“I’m not just gonna sit over here and just let old age come take me away. Pick me up and just walk me holding my grave. We’re not going to do this. I don’t want to walk old. I don’t want to look old. I don’t want to dress old.”

The rich threads and praise have obviously given Harvey an added confidence boost. One that his youngest stepdaughter Lori Harvey has even taken notice of herself. “He’s feeling himself,” she said while appearing on E! News’ Daily Pop. “You can’t tell him anything right now.”

In the end, Harvey found himself officially inducted into the Silver Fox Squad, a membership he fans believe he is more than deserving of.

“Swag master any day, any time”

Source: yahoo

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