STEAMAN MALL – New Online Shopping Platform Is Here

The industry of online shopping in Ghana and across the world is about to experience a new wave; a different force that would make the process of doing varied shopping on the digital space convenient and reliable – thanks to the emergence of Steaman Mall.

Essence of E-commerce

E-commerce serves as a bridge between both sellers and buyers of products on a digital scale. The essence of this medium is to take away the stress of movement from one point to another just to shop for products you need.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, most companies had to shut down due to their non-presence online. People across the country searched for various online platforms for an alternative to get their basic essentials in order to survive.

This sense of urgency was felt not just nationally but globally. A few giants in the E-commerce industry were able to rise up to the occasion but were not able to fully serve the entire population.

Steaman Mall is here!

This shows especially in Africa that there is still a large market share out there that need to be properly served in order to provide customers the security and comfort of getting their daily needs online in times of distress and uncertainties conveniently. In comes Steaman Mall!


Steaman Mall’s sole objective is to make the e-commerce industry in Ghana stable and convenient.
Also, it is their goal to bring the necessary and committed stakeholders to work together to become the no.1 e-commerce platform in Ghana and beyond.

Steaman is Ghana’s newest online shopping destination. As a marketplace, they pride ourselves in having everything you could possibly need on one platform.

They are different

Their access to genuine product from manufacturers and premium distributors and suppliers gives Steaman a wide range of assortment to products at very affordable rates. Some of their popular categories include home & kitchen, electronics & appliances, mobile phones, computing, fashion, beauty & perfumes and a whole lot more from premium brands. Some other categories include food and drinks, automotive and industrial, books, musical equipment, babies and kids items, sports and fitness, to name a few.


Clients would enjoy amazing shipping rates for all products when you shop on Steaman. (

You enjoy low shipping rates, discounted prices, vouchers, amazing promotions and flexible payment systems.

Payment Terms

When shopping on Steaman, you can pay with cash on delivery, Visa Card, master card, mobile money and bank deposit which are convenient and secured payment solutions.

Shopping on-the-go has been made easy for everyone. Download the mobile applications on both the PlayStore and AppStore today to experience amazing deals on Steaman today.

Why Steaman?

  • Assortment and Product Variety –
  • Amazing Prices
  • Trusted vendors and Brands. (In order to prevent customer disappointment, we go through the quality control checks to ensure right products are provided as displayed on the website)
  • Superior Customer service (  We are customer focused )
  • Seamless online Shopping (Apps on both PlayStore and App Store)
  • Safe and flexible payment options and solutions.

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