SPEAKERS! Rex Omar & Baba Sadiq To Speak on NDC Creative Arts

In connection with the tussle for power in 2020, the biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is unveiling its manifesto this evening and an official communique to that effect has been issued – just got notified.

Industry stalwarts, Rex Omar and Baba Sadiq have been appointed by the party to speak on issues relating to the promises made in relation to Creative Arts.

Baba Sadiq
Rex Omar

The two are expected to get busy, in days after the official release of the manifesto, in a bid to convince the players within the industry of such promises and the entire populace in general to vote for the NDC.

Rex Omar, a staunch party faithful, is the Chairman of GHAMRO while Baba Sadiq is the CEO of the 3Music Awards.


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