‘Speak up on Sexual Harassment’ – Theresa Ayoade @ 3Music Women’s Brunch

The Executive Director for Charterhouse, Mrs. Theresa Ayoade has called on women in the creative space and any other venture to muster the courage to speak up on matters relating to sexual harassment.

The distinguished Executive Director, renowned for her groundbreaking works in the creative industry, was speaking as a panel member at the first edition of the 3Music Women’s Brunch – in commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

In one of her insightful commentaries on the subject, ‘Confronting Sexual Violence & Exploitation’ – she told ladies facing sexual overtures to learn to speak up about it.

This she claimed, is one of the ways victims can face such challenges and also bring the attention of relevant bodies to such happenings.

She also raised issues on the glorification of bodies by women in the entertainment frontier, especially in music videos.

Other speakers were the award-winning musician Becca, Aba Amegatcher, Biliki Giwah and others.

The panel discussions were superintended by Multimedia’s Naa Ashorkor and Nhyira Addo.

The 3Music Women’s Brunch is social impact initiative that seeks to elevate the efforts of women in the arts.

The 3Music Awards is geared for the 28th March 2020 at the Fantasy Dome, which would be preceded by the ‘Fanfest’ at the Polo Grounds on 14th March 2020.

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