SOUR LOSER OR FACT? Kobi Rana Says Fred Nuamah Hates Him – The Reason He Won Nothing

It is a normal phenomenon to have people feel agitated over awards; especially when they have the strongest conviction their works deserve some recognition – is privy to this fact – and movie producer/ actor, Kobi Rana is not happy.

The popular producer/director/actor is not only happy, but also raising the hate card against the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah.

In an Instagram post, Kobi fired shots at the founder of the Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah where he shared the trailer of one of movies he submitted for possible nomination and annexation of awards but got nothing at the end of the awards ceremony.

He shared this vile statement;

This year, this is one of Africa’s best movie and acting performances. The movie title: My Name Is Ramadan. I was told Fred Nuamah and his friends are having their awards.

Ask him why this movie and chaskele were submitted but never reached the jury. The hate that made him nominate me 15 times and give me nothing is the same hate that made him throw our submissions away. I have one message for Fred and his friends. I AM GIFTED AND LIFTED. YOU CAN’T TOUCH THAT.”

Kobi Rana also tagged some actors and actress in the industry whom he claimed were very much aware of Fred Nuamah seeming hate for his craft and the decision to sideline him. He stated that the likes of  Kafui Danku, Nana Ama Mcbrown, Prince David Osei, Jackie Appiah and Kalsoume, are all aware of Fred’s antics.

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