SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE! Awards Season & Kumerican Invasion

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

The Year 2020 was tumultuous in all divides but it is also noteworthy that it was a good years for others – and that includes all the guys within the ‘Kumerica’ wave. The movement was one the most refreshing outcomes of the year.

Another year brings its wave of awards, major music award schemes that reward hardworking and deserving acts and songs that were impactful within the eligibility year – and there’s no doubt that the guys on the ‘Kumerica’ train were overly impactful and influential.

The question is; can their uplifting invasion of the music industry translate into some exciting foray with the music awards?

Big Movement

One of the innovative elements born out of the movement was branding and merchandizing. In the last decade, no artiste, fan base or movement has managed and spearheaded such an organized merchandizing like ‘Kumerica’.

Aside the revenue that rests on merchandizing, it elevates branding to another level, and these also accounted for the upsurge and popularity of the ‘Kumerica’ movement over the last year.  You need not yelp that you endorse or support the movement, all you had to do was don a cap, tee shirt or hoist a ‘Kumerican’ flag.

The merchandizing bit obviously provided essential jobs for those that produced, designed and sold – especially in the face of an on-going pandemic.

Drill Music Over Everything

Thanks to the late US rapper, Pop Smoke, drill music was popularized and the guys from ‘Kumerica’ kept it alive and blazing in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

In fact, in Ghana, Kumerica and drill music took all the attention, more than afro beats, hip hop and highlife. It was the life of every gathering, party or fun fare, especially during the festive season.  Some reputable DJs have openly stated that, the Ghanaian drill music from ‘Kumerica’ actually saved the industry in terms of airplay at major events across the country.

The music got rave reviews on the international platforms, propelling them on international music charts and getting valuable mentions in magazines, portals and co-signs from some influential international artistes.


Every character within the movement has been instrumental, from the record producers to the hangers-on that appeared in all these music videos, but as always, it is the artiste(s) that take the most shine.

Albeit being a huge movement, there are a few stand-outs, artistes that released anthems, boisterous jams that ‘rocked’ the entire year. Yaw Tog obviously stands tall amongst a legion of budding acts, and then there’s the sensational O’Kenneth who was almost on every hot song from the area. Other notable acts are Kofi Jamar, Jay Bahd, Kawabanga and others.

Win or Bust

Awards are not everything; one can run a very successful career, make all the money and not win any award, however, awards do count too. They are recognition for excellence and accomplishments, so, winning one embellishes your CV.

No movement lasts forever and it’s important to always cash in when you are hot. The hottest season for ‘Kumerica’ and drill music was 2020 and this year is the time they get recognition with regard to awards – and surely, they will be a constant feature in all the relevant music awards in the country.

For the projection of the movement in Ghana, the elevation of Ghanaian music and the brand Ghana on the international music market, all these guys within the movement deserve an award, but clearly, not everybody would get except the stand-outs, who would surely face competition.



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