‘Social Media MP’? Be Fair To Sam George

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

There is little doubt that the Honourable Same Nartey George, Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo-Prampram is one of the popular names in the country. His popularity transcends politics – veering into entertainment, religion and social domain.

His foray into entertainment-related matters has seen him have a tiff on social media with some persons in the creative industry and in his recent engagement with Afia Schwarzenegger, the comedienne referred to him as a ‘Social Media MP’.

‘Social Media MP’ as projected by Afia, means the MP is always on social media, fiddling in matters that do not concern him.

The venerable MP got the tag after he waded into the supposed feud ensuing between Deloris Frimpong Manso and Afia Schwarzenegger.

Social Media for Us All

The fact is; social media is there for all of us!

Social media is an internet-based form of communication. Social media platforms allow users to have conversations, share information and create web content. There are many forms of social media, including blogs, micro-blogs, wikis, social networking sites, photo-sharing sites, instant messaging, video-sharing sites, podcasts, widgets, virtual worlds, and more.

We use social media to share information and make connections. On a personal level, social media allows you to communicate with friends and family, learn new things, develop your interests, and be entertained.

Hon. Sam George is not barred from engaging in various topics of various industries on the platform. As a well-thinking, healthy and sane adult, he is allowed to participate in all manner of banter with anybody and everybody, as far as he deems fit.

He is Different

I do not have a recollection of any sitting Member of Parliament who was vocal in entertainment-related matters and engaged celebrities like Hon. Sam George does. I cannot recount any politician that has constant spat with persons of the creative industry.

The MP has had rows with the likes of Sister Debbie, Pappy Kojo, Wanluv, a near-barney with Shatta Wale and now, another squabble with Afia Schwarzenegger.

Probably, some are calling the MP a ‘Social Media MP’ because he is not conventional; he engages in other matters outside politics and he’s been outspoken, brazen and forceful about it.

He is different because, he seems to have knowledge in the field of Creative industry, he follows proceedings of the industry keenly and clearly, he keep taps on the endeavours and pronouncements of these entertainers on social media.

He is different because he seems to have ample time on his hands to engage in conversations on politics and any other relevant matter including show business – and he’s been good at it.

Be Fair

For the bunch that are classifying the politician as a ‘Social Media’ freak, that’s an unfair tag.

On social media, the critics of the MP comment freely on everything topical, from politics, entertainment, and religion to anything social. These naysayers are loud and blatant in their approach to almost every issue on social media, yet, they are out criticizing the MP for doing the same thing.

These faultfinders comment on how bad the economy has become, they snarled at how Parliamentarians behaved in the chamber during the election of the Speaker and they expressed opinions on the altercation the MP for Ningo-Prampam had with some military folks some years ago and all.  They have opinions to virtually everything yet, they fail to appreciate the politician’s penchant for wanting to also proffer his views on subjects and personalities he has knowledge of.

Stay ‘Woke’, MP!

Hon. Sam George is loud, opinionated and expressive in his take on almost every subject matter. He comes at these celebrities with such force, obviously with the arsenal of being a fan or follower of the creative industry and of these celebrities.

What the politician ought to realize is that there are personalities in the creative industry who are as loud, brazen and sensitive as he is, so, he should expect such sturdy rebuttal when he goes at them. He should realize that, these celebrities and entertainers crave for attention, the fixation to aid them sell their personality and whatever project or product they are selling, so, as a popular Member of Parliament, they would use his status as leverage to attain any form of attention.

Like Pappy Kojo, some entertainers with dwindling careers would use him as bait to be relevant so it’s only wise for the politician to pick his battles wisely and not just satisfy his desire to be heard on social media. If he’s ready to give then he should be ready to take!



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