Social Media Is Destructive – Prez. John Mahama

In battling with the torrid economic challenges facing his country; fall of the currency, shortage of fuel, power cuts and high cost of living amongst others; can confidently state that – President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama still has one other gnawing issue to contend with; social media.

The President has scoffed at the way his countrymen; especially the youth are utilizing social media for the very wrong reasons.
“The youth are conceptualizing such destructive motives and actions via social media. The network is supposed to be used to grow society and help in the development of the country,” he bemoaned.

The President’s agitation on the use of social media stemmed from the voice recording that went viral over the outbreak of the virulent Ebola virus in Ghana and how some people joke with the disease on social media platforms.

“A young boy did a recording and put on social media telling the world about the outbreak of Ebola in Ghana and it was all over the place,” he explained.

He is therefore calling on traditional leaders and opinion leaders to help tackle this canker of the destructive use of the social media.
In recent times, social media has been used to propagate some disturbing news, including sex videos, the status of hiplife artiste, Castro and the so-called nude photos of some high-profile persons in the country.

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