SO MANY HYPOCRITES! Nana Agradaa Vows To Ensure Her Daughter Will Not Be A Priestess

By Deborah Kotei

Nana Agradaa

Arguably, the most popular fetish priestess in Ghana known as Nana Agradaaa, has with a lot of hurt vowed never to allow her daughter follow her footsteps. monitored!

In an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa, the priestess stated without mincing words that, for obvious reasons she cannot allow her daughter to take after her. According to her, the hypocrisy in this world is too much therefor, she cannot allow her daughter entertain such people.

“I will never allow my child to join priesthood…when you’re doing this kind of work, people don’t like to get close to you. A gospel artiste once invited me to her album launch, I gave and supported her with money, but when she was acknowledging the people who helped her on TV. She failed to mention Nana Agradaa because she was shy to mention a fetish priestess. Looking at all these, I would not allow my daughter to become a fetish priestess.” She told host DJ Nyaami.

Nana Agradaa on one of her fetish acts

To elaborate on her reasons, she noted that about eighty per cent of people who visit her shrine happen to be Christians and politicians.

“A lot of  politicians visit me, but when they go to church, they will be thanking pastors. Have you heard someone acknowledging a fetish priest in public before? So it’s hypocrisy. These same people who go to church come to me for help and about 80% of people who visit me are Christians.” She added.

The priestess added that no man can change her except God.

Nana Agradaa, who is also a TV presenter on Thunder TV has been nominated in this year’s Radio and Television Personality Awards in the ‘Television Discovery of The Year’ category sparking uproar.

Kindly watch the interview below:

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