SINGLE AND FREE! Don’t Spoil My Market For Me-Sister Deborah To Bloggers

By Deborah Kotei


Sister Deborah may be going through a hard time in her pillows after her failed relationship with AMG Medikal. This is what had filled the mouths of every Ghanaian after her break-up. monitored!

Deborah Vanessa who dated Medikal for close to five years wants fans to know that she is not bitter over how things turned out.

According to her behavior on social media, with or without Medikal she is super fine.

Sister Derby shared a tweet to clarify that due to her silence some blogs have been describing her to be jilted.

In the singer’s tweet, she mentioned that she was happy being in a relationship with the AMG Rapper but presently, she is also very happy being single.

Reacting some speculations that she is dating some 21-year-old footballer, she tweeted “Don’t believe the blogs. I’m single and free pls. They want to spoil my market for me. Walahi I don’t do things in secret. I like to be free I beg.”

So there you have it, Deborah Vanessa openly address us all when she gets involved in a new relationship.

See more of Sister Derby’s tweets below;

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