SHUTDOWN FOR WETIN? Media WhizzKids, IPMC Show Support For Miss Ghana

Organizers of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant may seem beleagured over the incessant complaints and backlash concerning happenings within the franchise, however, some key stakeholders of the pageant over the years, are exhibiting such succor for the organizers. has monitored the talk of the franchise rights being taken from Inna Patty’s Exclusive Events, but the words of support from Mr. Reginald Laryea, CEO of Media Whizzkids, original owners of the franchise, is timely and sort of a saving grace.

Also, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IPMC, Mr. Amar Hari has stated categorically that his company is very happy and proud to be associated with Inna Patty, Exclusive Events Ghana and the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant – reports.

According to Mr. Amar Hari, he recently came across Josephine Aryitey who runs a PR firm here in Accra and also manages an organization called Idea Factory which is responsible for encouraging the young people to think innovatory, to think new ideas.

Mr. Amar Hari said that, when he met Josephine Aryitey he saw that she was full of drive and passion to contribute her quota to the socioeconomic development of her Country Ghana.

Naturally he asked Josephine, where she got that confidence from and Josephine replied back that, “Mr. Amar you have forgotten that I was among the top ten finalists of Miss Ghana 2012 edition where you were a judge”

He opined that, Inna Patty is not only giving the platform to the most beautiful women of Ghana to shine to the world but most importantly, Inna Patty has created an enabling environment for these young ladies to build self-confidence ahead of future corporate responsibilities.

The CEO of IPMC has encouraged Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana to continue to use the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant and Miss Ghana Foundation in the mentoring and grooming of the young ladies in Ghana.

“Many at times as parents we fail to do that ourselves but I can confidently state that Inna Patty is performing this responsibility for the parents who daughters are participants of the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant”, he emphasized.

According to Mr. Amar Hari, the management of IPMC will continuously support Inna Patty, Exclusive Events Ghana, Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant and Miss Ghana Foundation to thrive successfully.

The Chief Executive Officer of Media Whizz Kids, Mr. Reginald D. Laryea has pledged to support Inna Patty, Exclusive Events Ghana Limited and the 2018 Edition of Miss Ghana.

The Media Whizz Kids were the former organizers of the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant. After organizing the event for several years they sold the right to Shirley Frimpong Manso of Sparrow Production for five years. Media Whizz Kids took over again in 2009 and after two years they handed over the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant right to Inna Patty of Exclusive Events Ghana Limited.

According to Mr. Laryea, CEO of Media Whizz Kids, Inna party is hard working and focused. She dreams eats and adores the Miss Ghana Brand and by extension Miss World.Much as she is not an angel she is definitely not the devil.

Having previously worn those shoes I can easily empathise and boldly declare she needs the sympathy and support of right thinking Ghanaians to keep the Miss Ghana banner flying higher.

The lack of adequate sponsorship and the impact of some identified miscreants on social media have taken a huge toll on her persona as well as her Brand.Her major failure from where I sit is her lack of ability to endear herself to the Queens!

This challenge of dealing with the Queens can only be resolved by education,training,further education not only of the queens but the market place as well.The enviable position of Miss Ghana comes along with it major perks benefits and bonuses.Equally strict rules and regulations accompany the wearing of the crown.

For as long as all the players, that is, the Sponsors, Organisers, Queens, Chaperones and to a large extent the media abide by the rules and regulations there should be harmony that is required to move the Brand onto the next level.

Media Whizz Kids would like to encourage Ghanaians to support Inna Patty to succeed. Lastly, we would like to appeal to the interested contestants to ignore the social media miscreants and fully participate in the 2018 Edition of the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant

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