SHOTS FIRED! Sister Deborah is a better rapper than D-Black – Wanlov

It is no secret that Ghanaian rappers, D-Black and Wanlov Da Kubolor, do have their issues and have not had the best of relationships in the last couple of years – although music lovers do not know exactly what might have caused the strain in their relationship.

Wanlov, as always, was just waiting on an opportunity to have a go at his ‘frenemy’ and that opening came via MTVBase Africa’s HottestMCs in Ghana, which was released over the weekend.

In the HottestMCs list was D-Black and the very opinionated Wanlov expressed his contempt for that inclusion – as noted by

Sister Deborah
Sister Deborah

Wanlov posted his displeasure on his facebook wall, stating;

“Wow @MTVBaseAfrica u still added d-black wen we hav medikal, joey b, yaa pono, m3nsa,…how sad…btw it’s Omar Sterling … not stelling.”

The member of the group, FOKN Boiz, followed up the ‘assault’ on D-Black in an interview on Hitz FM ‘Entertainment News’ by stating emphatically that, the guys at MTVBase Africa committed a travesty by adding D-Black to the list.


“D-Black is not a rapper, he is business man. He doesn’t deserve to be on that list.”

He fired another salvo, claiming that his sister, Sister Deborah, was a better rapper than D-Black;

“Sister Deborah is even a better rapper than D- Black,” he stated.

But wait! He had more arsenals for D-Black;

“I called D-Black and told him he should go and remove his name from the list. If I were him, I would sue MTVBase Africa for including me on that list.”

Here is the MTVBase Africa’s HottestMCs in Ghana;



Omar Stellin


Pappy Kojo



Kojo Cue



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