SHOCKING! Government Has Never Supported VGMA -Theresa Ayoade

There is no denying the fact that Arts stimulate spending and increases tourism in any economy. In fact, tons of research in that arena have encouraged many countries all over the world to invest huge sums of money into tourism and the creative arts in General. From Hollywood to the Taj Mahal, Big Music Festivals like South Africa’s Global Citizens Concert, The Nottinghill Carnival in the UK, etc. are all notable examples of State support (some in partnership with private individuals and organizations) targeted at growing the Arts and attracting direct foreign investment in diverse ways – says so!

Sarkodie – twice VGMA Artiste of the Year

It came as a shock therefore when after 20 years of consistently making Ghana and the rest of the world believe that the Ghana Music Awards is supported by the Government of Ghana, Mrs. Theresa Ayoade, CEO of Charterhouse Ghana on Saturday 9th March disclosed on joy FM that the scheme has never received a pesewa from governments past and present.

Theresa was part of a panel comprising Saddik Abdullai Abu, CEO of 3Music Awards, Ken Addy of Joy FM and Richard Kwame Agyeman Berko, a writer, poet and entertainment critique who spoke on showbiz A to Z, hosted by George Quaye.

“Everything has been from the support of some corporate institutions and our own internally generated funds all through the years. No government, past or present has ever given us any kind of support financially,”  Theresa stated.

Mr. & Mrs. Ayoade – Spearheads for 20 years

The shock emanates from the following fact;

  1. Official documents, press releases and letters cited by this portal with some available on other public platforms indicate that the scheme is organized “Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture…”
  2. Year after year, successive Ministers and other offices connected to the Ministry of Tourism have mounted the Ghana Music Awards stages at various levels to either make a speech or present an award.
  3. The annual brochure produced by Charterhouse for the event has consistently featured images and speeches from Ministers of the Tourism and Arts Ministry with photographs.
Stonebwoy – VGMA winner

This portal, recalls vividly promises made by recently dismissed Minister of the sector, Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku that the government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo will support local awards initiatives and other events, with specific references to the Ghana Music Awards and a few others. Could it be she misled the public and probably made the statement just to save face from the near ignominy brought on her and the government from the huge sponsorship given to the poorly organized AFRIMA?

“The Government supporting AFRIMA gave us all hope that finally, the Creative Arts will get some support so we are hopeful and have even sent out an official proposal to request for support…” Theresa stated.

E.L – VGMA winner

On Friday, March 15, the 20th Anniversary edition of what’s become arguably the biggest celebration of music south of the Sahara and a major tourism export for Ghana, The Ghana Music Awards, will be launched and the same government which gladly committed millions of tax payer funds cannot even commit a pesewa to support our own?

Well, this portal would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Charterhouse Productions for this milestone. Many awards schemes started but crumbled, probably from the lack of adequate financial support. To weather the storms and keep this going and growing year after year for 20 years is truly commendable. Our kudos also go to the headline sponsor, Vodafone for their commitment to the scheme and unflinching support for GH Music through other initiatives.

In the next few days, we will chronicle the 20-year journey of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards properly and touch on some of the most sensitive controversies, big wins, losses and how on earth Confidence Haugen managed to get herself hired as red carpet host.


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