Shocker: OJ Simpson Has HIV. Got It In Jail

The National ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the disgraced football great, 67, is convinced he’s contracted a deadly blood disease behind bars from his jailhouse lover.

In a bombshell disclosure, sources say “The Juice” could be dead in just weeks!

In an ENQUIRER special investigation, we’ve tracked down transsexual Jazmena Jameson, who is both HIV positive and has worked as a prostitute.

In a shocking confessional, Jazmena confirmed Simpson might not have long to live, disclosing “I could have given O.J. AIDS!”
Already living in fear, Simpson believes he’s now been given a death sentence he’ll never escape.

“I feel the end coming,” he confided in a pal. “But I don’t want to die in prison like common scum.” Added a source: “O.J. could be dead in as little as four weeks’ time!”

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