Shocker: Goldie Was Murdered?


Denrele Edun, one-time best friend of Nigerian songstress, Goldie in an interview with SaharaTV on September 17, 2014 has suggested that, Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey popularly known as Goldie Harvey might have been murdered?

The Channel O TV personality sat down with Fatima Sesay where he discussed his late best friend and singer Goldie Harvey communicating with him from beyond the grave.

The media personality popular for his out of this world get ups dropped a huge bomb when he said the late Goldie keeps appearing to him in his dreams saying to him:“You know who killed me and you are not doing anything about it.”

The 31year old also went on to tell the story of how we got robbed and beaten at his family home by a group of robbers demanding for gold. He explained that the robbers were clearly sent to attack him because of his relationship with Goldie. From his recap of the story he said, “Two days after the wake keeping I went to my family house and 5 armed robbers stormed the house and they keep screaming ‘where is the gold. They beat the living daylight out of me. Though I look like I don’t have flesh, they beat my little flesh out of my body. They tried to hit my grandma, my dad, it was scary. Maybe they thought she gave me her gold.”

Edun’s interview has got many wondering, If she really was murdered, who is responsible and why haven’t they been brought to justice?
Credit. Pulse

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