SHOCKER! Asamoah Gyan Wanted A Baby With Sarah Kwabla?

From rape and sodomy allegations to extortion to wee possession; the Asamoah Gyan-Sarah Kwabla fascinating issue has yet another twist, the now-popular pregnancy of the lady involved in the saga.
After the conflicting news on who was really responsible for the pregnancy, albeit Sarah confirming  the true father of the baby last week, Razz Newspaper has intercepted a conversation between Asamoah Gyan and Sarah Kwabla, which proves somehow that the China-based footballer was aware of the pregnancy and was responsible for it.
In a whatsapp chatter between the two, Gyan expressed his desire for Sarah to keep the baby after he initially told her to get rid of it.
Sarah, who could not believe the sudden change of mind of Gyan, was quite surprised with mind change but still doubted his wish for her to have the baby.
Gyan expressed his love for kids, who he said, are future leaders of the country – his reasons for wanting Sarah to keep the baby.
He also went further to write that, Sarah should take care of herself and he will send his family to meet hers.

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