SHE IS! Kylie Jenner Says She’s Self-Made: ‘None Of My Money Is Inherited’

Kylie Jenner is back on her “self-made” beat and people aren’t happy.

The 21-year-old old lip kit mogul, who graced the cover of Forbes in August 2018 for being on track to be the world’s youngest “self-made” billionaire, defended her title again this week.

Jenner insisted that “the self-made thing is true” in a new interview for Paper magazine’s “Transformation” issue.

She says that she “really spent every last dime that I had starting” Kylie Cosmetics ― which is worth an estimated $900 million now ― after her parents “cut her off at the age of 15.”

“My parents told me I needed to make my own money, it’s time to learn how to save and spend your own money, stuff like that,” the reality star said.

She added, “What I’m trying to say is I did have a platform, but none of my money is inherited.”

Forbes defined being a “self-made” entrepreneur as someone who hasn’t inherited their wealth.

“We consider any person who built her own fortune, and didn’t inherit the money, to be self-made,” wrote Luisa Kroll of Forbes for that issue of the magazine. “So top executives at tech firms who are compensated for helping significantly grow companies make the ranks but not second generation women running family businesses.”

But Jenner’s wealth ― while not inherited ― is the result of a lot of privilege. She comes from money and connections, which contributed to a massive platform that allowed her to both make and invest the $250,000 she saved from modeling and endorsements.

So thanks to the TV presence of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (which spawned a number of other business opportunities for the family), a business savvy “momager” and nearly 130 million followers on Instagram ― with millions more on Snapchat and Twitter ― Jenner has a successful business.

Source: yahoo

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