SHE IS DIFFERENT! Safia Haroun As A Muslim, Sees Nothing Wrong With Nudity

By Deborah Kotei

Safia Haroun with host of the “uncut” show

In Ghana, there is this perception that,  Muslims are not supposed to expose their form not to talk of nakedness. The manner in which our Muslim sisters dress is highly sacred and according to them, it’s only for their husbands to see.

Fortunately and unfortunately, Safia Haroun, a muslim and Kumawood actress, sees absolutely nothing wrong with one exposing his or her nakedness.

Normally, such things are said for trending purposes, but this actress explained that, she understands the career path she has chosen hence, must not contradict her religious background. is only an observer!

Speaking with Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’, Safia said, worshiping Allah is done with appearance but within one’s heart.

Admitting that she has an Islamic background, she was quick to say that, in her regular day to day life, she does not wear dresses that expose too much skin.

Knowing very well that the Quran does not smile at nudity, Haroun, who was at the premiere of Tracey Boakye’s ‘Baby Mama’ movie in Kumasi stated that: “I am different my name is Safia Haroun…Should the Imam see me dressed this way, he would understand that i have dressed for the occasion… “ She said this when the host asked why she has dressed to show her boobs.

She further explained that she wore what she wore simply advertise for her designer.

As far as Muslims are concerned it is forbidden because, it is immodest and contrary to the principles of Islam. The actress without any form of guilt insisted that she looked nice so she should be left alone.

Below is the interview;

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