IT’S HIM AGAIN! Shatta Wale Cements Legacy @ GhanaMeetsNaija Concert

Once you have Shatta Wale on your bill, you are sure to make no losses – and clearly, considering the fact that, Empire, organizers of the GhanaMeetsNaija concert, have billed the artist for 5 consecutive times clearly shows they have no intention to make losses and they have not! monitored as the Shatta Wale topped the night as the ‘Best Performer’ in a musical battle between artists from Ghana and Nigeria – and he was rightly crowned by the organizers as such.

His ability to have a grand show was never in doubt as he has done it for the past 4 years – it was highly expected.

It was expected that he would wow the audience with his deluge of hit songs, it was expected that the crowd would jam to his songs and as seen over the years at the same concert, it was anticipated that patrons would hardly sit through his performance.

Whoever thought it was only the streets that jam to his tunes got it wrong; even the guys in shirt and tie and

The organizers knew Shatta was the go-to guy, so, they allowed him all the room, gave him all the time to do as many songs as possible and even when he was done, he was made to come back to do more songs – and they was no dull moment.

What was quite different from his usual set, of course were the performance of new hit songs, his brief interactions with the audience and most importantly, his entry to the stage.



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