SEX IS NOT LOVE! Otiko Djaba, Advices The Youth

Otiko Djaba

Minister of Gender, Otiko Djaba has said that s*x is not a sign of love.

According to her, the ability of the male gender to avoid s*x when dating girls is rather an indication of love. published!

The Minister who was advising the youth against pre-marital s*x said, “If a boy asks you to prove your love for him by sleeping with him, tell him to prove his love by not sleeping with you.”

She noted that most young girls have dropped out of school as a result of teenage pregnancy and therefore advised young girls to desist from engaging in s*xual intercourse.

She indicated that while it is “sweet” to get pregnant, it is an audacious task to raise a baby therefore it is advisable to stay away from pre-marital sex.

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