‘We have sex everyday’ – Fans/Observers take on Okyeame Kwame’s wife for statement

Fans, observers and critics have descended heavily on Annica Nsia-Apau, wife of celebrated musician, Okyeame Kwame, over a statement she made on the ‘Delay Show’ with Deloris Frimpong Manso, over the weekend.

Annica was on Delay’s show and confirmed an earlier statement made by the husband that indeed, he (Okyeame Kwame) doesn’t joke when it comes to sex.

According to her, Okyeame Kwame has sex with her every day, every blessed day unless she is sick or in her menstrual cycle.


“That’s one of our secrets, and I don’t know why he went public with it, but yes, when he has not travelled, or if I’m not sick or menstruating, we have sex each and every day. Even before I came on this interview, we had sex,” she blurted out.

She went on to explain why they engage in sexual activity every day: “Well, we decided to do this to prevent temptations of having sex outside the marriage won’t come away.”

Well, such news that makes it to various portals does tickle the fancy of readers and observers and many of them had to wade in on the statement. As compiled by, here is a sample of some of the commentary shared by some observers on the popular portal, Ghanaweb (edited);


“Now to stay in the news, people just speak all sorts of things. What has your sex life got to with us? And like you said where she did she get the idea that if you have sex always with your partner then he won’t cheat. My friend you are only making him lose interest wai. Long period of doing same things for a long time brings fatigue.” – Tina

“Eiii!!!! What has come over some couples of this generation? Can’t they keep their sex life secret? And madam, who told you if you have sex with him every day, it will prevent him from cheating. HMMMM.” – Onua

“No wonder the guy no get flesh,”– Dave

“The guy is severely punishing himself; too much sex will destroy him. The lady may even abandon him when he becomes lean and emaciated. Men who do that should stop, the women will kill us.” – DAVID BUCHIZYA

“Good grief lady, do we need to hear every intimate detail about your sex life? You’re not the only married person having sex, a mature person will never stoop so low to broadcast their sex escapades. If you fear God or have faith you shall never disclose your sex issues in public unless you need medical attention.” – Fine boy

“Dat is why the husby looks so skinny like he no dey chop food…nw i see dat he only likes cunt.”- Bobby

“No wonder he is so skinny haha this Kwame guy needs help he’s a sex addict and to the wife having sex everyday doesn’t stop your husband been honest love is about understanding good communication caring but not sex anyway this talks are bullshit,” PPP

“Eeii, so no decency anymore in this world. A married woman running her mouth about her bedroom affairs. Wait until another woman snatches your husband away because she also wants to taste what you boasted about.” – Queen.

“To prevent temptation? You are joking! He can do it somewhere come back n fuck you as well. Stop being mumu. Trust n love is all that matters in a relationship.” – Nana

Not every reader chastised Anica for her comment, some others defended her;

“Come on guys let us be mature here. What is the standard of the bible? Man, u have no power over your flesh but your wife’s as well, so nothing is wrong with it but the woman is just so hasty is defense of the potency of Kwame. But woman just add fasting to your list please. Let God take the glory.” – Nana Agyei

Some others even went on to ‘attack’ the interviewer, Delay, for her line of questioning;

“And why all dese bulshit in public. Note: The more u talk d more u give d devil hints so he cn destroy easily. Delay shd also ask sensible qstions whn interviewin her guests. No wonder we dnt huv children in d world agn bcz whn dey hear dese tins dey go n practice it. Wht we knw dese days z Sex sex sex..SMH. That won’t stop a guy frm cheating. Only God chnge d heart on man. U betta add prayers n fasting t ur lyfstyle.” – Pee & Kay


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