SEX APPEAL: A Critical Element In The Music Business

By Arnold Asamaoh-Baidoo

Over the week, an up and coming, young female musician, Kanea, had the opportunity to be interviewed by the legendary Abeiku Aggrey Santana on Okay 101.7FM. The artiste, among other things said, also took the chance to deride her fellow female acts in the business.

According to her, none of the female artistes in Ghana is talented and most just get ahead by virtue of the fact that, they take off their clothes.

I will pardon her for the frivolous commentary on the talent bit but the issue of taking off clothes piques my interest.  Clearly, this young, ignorant, dilettante of an artiste is as lost as many others on the critical subject of sex appeal in show business.

Talent Is Key But Looks Matter

Nobody can relegate the factor of talent when it comes to the creative industry, however, in is last generation, talent seem not to be enough. Looks have always been that extra factor that propels talent and it’s been the norm for centuries.

The poster boys and girls for the film industry have always been about the looks and in the music industry; looks get extra compliment and a leap above the lot.

Marketing has always been an integral part of the industry and that part dictates that, a KiDi gets extra marks for how good he looks and it is also intentional how he gets to always remove his shirt anytime he gets the opportunity.  He is marketing more than his talent.

The music is not about just music anymore, it’s about the look, the ‘it’ factor if you will, it’s marketing.

Sex Still Sells

 Sex sells. This fact is ingrained in the creative sector and exemplified by the music industry especially. With people’s tolerance for sexual innuendo and suggestion growing, artistes are finding more ways to put their bodies on display. Whether it is in their music videos, onstage or on their album covers, celebrities will find any way to show off their assets.

To appeal to a more diverse audience, many other artists throw in a dash of sex — after all, sex sells, still.

Sex Appeal Counts

Sex attracts attention. Though it’s often a taboo subject, advertisers that use sex in their marketing often create effective and memorable campaigns. Brands have created ads that might not even talk about the product but simply gain viewers’ attention. In sales, gaining the attention of clients and potential buyers is often half the battle. Same model applies to the music industry.

The application of sex appeal garners attention and once the industry is an attention-driven industry, having the element of sex appeal only works to your advantage. The fact is, almost all our top selling female acts utilize the element of sex appeal in their craft; Wendy Shay, Sista Efia, Efya, Eno Barony, MzVee, Adina and even Wiyaala, yes, she too

Flaunt It If You Have It

The notion was that, talent should always trump over anything else and an artiste like the Grammy-winning Adele was used to back that assertion.  She was big and always covered up and her voice became her biggest selling point.

However, while Adele was winning the Grammys, the likes of Beyoncé were also winning the Grammys and winning all the endorsement deals too.

The fact is; the business has progressed above just selling records.  Artistes are bagging endorsement deals and one element that counts most is the sex appeal.

Without being condescending and offensive with the appeal, if you have it, all you need to do is flaunt it to your advantage and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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