SAD TRUTH! Some Movie Producers Are Too Negative In Thoughts- Socrate Safo

Socrates Sarfo

Controversial movie producer, Socrates Sarfo has reprimanded his colleagues in the industry saying; most of them are too negative in their thoughts towards a good course.

One thing which worries me is that my brothers in the industry are too negative.” Mr. Sarfo, Director of Creative Arts responsible for Programs and Projects at the Commission for National Culture said this in an interview with Abusua Fm in Kumasi.

According to him, he has tried all he can to bring back the good image of the movie industry Ghana enjoyed years back but most of his people in the business have not given him the needed support hence his tag of negativity.

Counting some of his achievement, he cited efforts he made to bring Zylofon on board to boost the industry through “Zylofon Arts Fund” to support producers in filmmaking.

Socrates Sarfo noted “one thing which worries me is that my brothers in the industry are too negative. Whenever we bring on board an initiative, most of them will be looking at the negative side only. All this we have been doing, people still have negative thoughts”. He lamented.

Some are praying for us to fail. They must have a positive attitude towards the current improvement in the industry”, Socrates urged.

According to him, challenges in the industry were created by human beings and therefore it will take time to be able to solve such problems.

“Some may have fast response while others may take time to yield results, Improvement in the film industry this time is massive. And all we need is the support from you the media people and also our industry players”. he indicated.



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