RIDICULOUS! ‘If Shatta Wale Slapped Me, Is It Your Ears? – Bodyguard Responds

Trust Shatta Wale to always make the news, be it music-related or not, and it not surprising that, after another edition of the EIB-organized S Concert, the chatter has shifted from who couldn’t perform on the night to the hefty slap the artist gave to his bodyguard – has noted.

It is also not surprising that in spite of the sympathy and support exhibited by the public to the bodyguard, Biggy Sparta, he is not bemused about the treatment meted on him and has pledged allegiance and support for his boss.

As reported by, Biggie Sparta, is virtually calling on the critics to shut up, after all, it is not their face that was slapped.

According to the bodyguard, people will not understand the love he has for Shatta Wale and that even if he slaps him severally, he will continue to be loyal to Shatta Wale.

There goes the slap

He indicated that he will be with Shatta Wale until his life is over and he will never sell out his boss saying, “If Shatta Wale has slapped me is it your ears?” He indicated that it was just a stunt to give bloggers and the entire country something to talk about and they have achieved their aim.

Shatta Wale slapped Biggie Sparta while he was performing on the S Concert stage on Friday. The slap generated loads of discussions with people calling for an apology for the bodyguard from Shatta Wale.

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has also asked media houses to forget about interviewing his bodyguard because he is not ready to betray the SM family.

In a video making rounds on social media, the SM boss is seen slapping his bodyguard after he is seen preventing a fan from holding his (Shatta Wale) legs while he was performing on the night.The act by the controversial hitmaker has sparked several discussions on social media with people condemning him for slapping his bodyguard for doing his work.

But in responding to his critics, the ‘Kakai’ hitmaker indicated that his bodyguard will never betray the Shatta Movement family because he understands the ‘SM Code’. He indicated that Shatta Movement moves beyond just music to family and therefore his bodyguard will not grant interviews to tarnish the image of the movement.

Check out the slap;




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