RESPECT! Put Some Respect on Jackie Appiah’s Name

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

Super star, Jackie Appiah has topped social media trends for days – thanks to the revelation of her new mansion. The look of the mansion has tongues wagging for days and interestingly, the chatter has transcended the frontiers of Ghana and there is little surprise in that. Jackie is an international star and that is a fact!

As expected, the news was greeted with an admixture of reactions. Some were awed by the beauty and look of the actor’s abode, others were excited at the feat and as always, some cast insinuations and doubts over the actor’s ability to possess such a property.

I can accept and comprehend the varied opinions expressed over the news but what I cannot countenance is the sheer disrespect some folks are leveling on the name of the actor.

Commentary on how she did not acquire her resources in a genuine manner and how some man offered her the building are obnoxious.

Legendary Status

Jackie Appiah is a legend and it is indisputable. From television to movies to business – she has done it all and refreshingly, she remains one of the most consistent entertainers in our generation. For a decade and over, she has stayed relevant and the ‘perfect’ role model for many.

She has won almost every laurel in the movie industry on the continent and she is well loved. The affection for Jackie in her homeland and across the rest of Africa is enormous. They love her for her works, her humility, her beauty and her ability to stay away from controversies.

How she has been able to maneuver her way through the industry without any disparaging and career-threatening situation needs to be emulated.


It is quite amusing how some folks query her source of wealth and raise doubts on how she can acquire such a property from acting. Shallow thinking!

Even in a ramshackle movie industry in Ghana, Jackie has remained one of the highest paid actors and incredibly, she has remained consistent for years. In Nigeria, arguably the biggest film market in Africa, Jackie is a star. She earns some of her biggest paychecks over the years in Nigeria and on that market – she has remained consistent and relevant too.

So, if she is one of the highest paid actors across Africa and has been in the business for decades, where do you think all that money goes?


Brand endorsements have always made celebrities wealthier than any of their movies, shows, or concerts and celebrities are paid insanely by the most prominent brands. The bigger the star, the more it earns through brands. These brand endorsements are a fancy source of income for celebrities across the world.

Sofia Vergara is counted among the highest-paid television actors and her estimated earnings are around $157.5 million and around 60% of that comes from some very prominent brands such as Pepsi, Cover Girl, Head & Shoulders, and Quaker Oats.

Actress, Charlize Theron is known for signing an 11-year contract worth $55 million with Dior for its signature fragrance- J’adore perfume. Jennifer Aniston is counted among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood and besides her huge success in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston works with several brands like Smart Water, Hair product Living Proof and Aveeno and Emirates.

Jackie Appiah has been a brand ambassador for decades, starting as the face of IPMC and many other major deals over such an illustrious career. Billboards of major brands have been splattered with images of her for years.

Jackie’s earnings may not be as huge as these Hollywood stars, obviously – but the point is; there is enough money being made in the department of brand endorsements.


Some of the absurd commentaries projected by some dim-witted people is that, a man gave the actress the property. Assuming without admitting that such a tale is true, so what? How is that scandalous? Jackie Appiah is a single pretty woman and can hang out with any man.

Super stars are well connected; their fame and popularity easily get them deals that they do not have to necessarily work for. They get into places and attain opportunities for just being celebrities. Their status as celebrities allows them to hobnob with the most influential ; Presidents, politicians, clergy, entrepreneurs and others – Billionaires and Millionaires.

Jackie Appiah is well connected and her association with people of high places and of great repute can offer opportunities and there is nothing wrong with that.

Blame these Celebs Too

Some of the comments by some people depict ignorance and sheer disregard for the creative industry. They cannot fathom how an entertainer like Jackie Appiah should be that rich to acquire properties and businesses.

The ordinary Ghanaian would not quiver when he/she reads the news that Kim Kardashian has purchased a mansion for $25million, and it is because Kim’s earnings are not a secret. If she signs a deal with Versace or Dior, the figures are disclosed.

The Ghanaian celebrities, for some reasons, refuse to divulge figures when they pen deals, so the Ghanaian observer is ignorant on how much money these celebrities earn from such endorsements and projects. They therefore gawk in amazement and disbelief when some of these entertainers show off what they have as properties.

The refusal of Ghanaian celebrities and their brand partners to disclose figures is one of the reasons people do not see the lucrative side of the creative economy.






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