RELAX! Our Dividends’ve Hit Our Accounts – Menzgold Clients

Nana Appiah Mensah CEO of Menzgold Company Limited

Some clients of gold-trading firm Menzgold Company Limited, who, earlier on Monday, 3 September 2018 complained about the delay in the payment of their dividends, have told that their banks have quickly rectified the anomaly and begun crediting their accounts. reports!

According to the now-satisfied customers, their banks explained to them that the delay in paying their dividends was a result of a few challenges encountered during the transition from the over-the-counter cash payment mode to payment through the bank.

The clients told that some of the banks explained that they delayed in making the payments because they needed to verify certain information, including account numbers, which were provided by the clients so as not to make any mistake transfers.

The banks, the clients said, also noted that they were inundated by the sheer number of customers they had to deal with at one fell swoop due to Menzgold’s exponential client base.

Menzgold has been in discussions with the Bank of Ghana to streamline its operations.

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