REALLY? People Don’t Understand How Unique Rosemond Brown Is-Mimi

Mimi Andani – Director, Golden Movie Awards

Are Ghanaians really stuck to the same way of doing things, or they simply do want to entertain certain people? is only wondering!

Well, the Director for the Golden Movie Awards, Mimi Andani  is of the view that, Ghanaians do not appreciate people with unique abilities.

This is Rosemond Brown

She made this known in a post singing praises of Rosemond Brown who she describes as unique.

She spurred Rosemond on for greatness indicating that she should not be discouraged in her drive for greatness.

She said “Dear @rosemond_brown .You are “different” and people don’t understand “different” because they are used to the same things and emulate the same things as well. You put a smile on the faces of my guest indeed.You did exactly what you were brought up there for.You are unique and people don’t now how to handle your uniqueness. I love you girl.”


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