REALLY BELOW THE PAR? Tic Replies Critics Over His Rap On ‘Pene Ma Me’


The rap by Tic Tac, who now goes by the name, Tic, in his new song, ‘Pene Ma Me’, which features fast-rising star, Kidi, has been trending for all the wrong reasons. promulgated!

Some music lovers have criticised the lyrics of Tic on the song as being below par.

In a sharp response, Tic, said every song has the kind of rap that must accompany it and it is not all the time that an artiste has to do a hardcore rap on a song.

He said the theme of the song is someone trying to woo the partner to love him more and unconditionally.

He believes that since rap is an art, he needed to switch to that mood and style to depict someone trying to cajole his partner with sweet-funny words, like he did on the song.

For him, it is not always the case that rap must be taken on its face value, but rather the intent, which he perfectly did on ‘Pene Ma Me’.

He has urged all those who can do their version of the song to send it to him in all his social media handles, @Tictacgh.

The video for the song was released on April 3.

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