REALLY? I’m Originator of Afrobeats in Ghana – Flowking Stone

We know that the legendary Fela was the originator of the popular music genre, ‘Afrobeat’! What we do not know for a fact or has not been documented anywhere, is the originator (s) of the upswing version of Fela’s – ‘Afrobeats’ – knows this!

Hold on, we may have an orginator, especially for the evolution of the sound in Ghana, according to rapper, Flowking Stone.

He is that claiming that his now somehow defunct group, Bradez, is the originator of the genre tracing its root from their hit song, “Simple” released in the early 2000s.

In an interview with YFM in Kumasi, he revealed that, had it not been the duo, there would have been no music genre like  ‘Afrobeats’ in the industry.

Our track “Simple” is the beginning of all this new ‘Afrobeats’ sound and stuff in Ghana,” he said.

FlowKing Stone is currently one of Ghana’s finest rappers with a unique style of rap though he sometimes sounds like his elder brother Okyeame Kwame.

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