PROTECTION IS NECESSARY! Ghana Showbiz Is Full Of ‘juju’ & Spiritualism-Dave Hammer

Dave Hammer

Popular Kumasi-based radio presenter who works for Hello FM, David Annan known in public as David Hammer has revealed on Tracey Boakye’s show, ‘Time With Tracey’ that Ghana’s showbiz industry is full of spiritualism for which reason celebrities active in it need protection in the form of constant prayers to be secured. followed!

According to the top presenter, there was the need for constant prayers and building a solid relationship with God to get oneself protected.

Taking his turn on the Time With Tracey show this weekend, he said: “Our creative industry is full of spirituality. Everyone has what protects him or her.” he told Tracey Boakye in the interview.

He advised that when actors, musicians, models, dancers, presenters and other celebrities encounter issues, especially negative prophesies, they must pray about it directly to God.

“If you hear any negative prophesy pray about it. God listens… He reveals to redeem.” Dave Hammer added.

There has been developments in the showbiz industry in Ghana that people have been quick to attribute to Juju or spirituality in one form or the other.

Dave Hammer told Tracey Boakye the cure for it all…

“You have to let the spirit of God lead you otherwise any wind can blow you… I don’t believe in negative prophesies. I don’t believe it. If you believe that’s where it can have an effect on me,” he pointed out.

Actors and musicians have been speculated to be outdoing one another in battle for dominance in their fields.

Following the death of Ebony Reigns, some Prophets and Pastors have advised the family to look into it.

For example, the Eagle Prophet had alleged that Ebony’s spirit visited him 14 times over such issues.

Tracey Boakye therefore asked Dave Hammer his views on it as it was gaining currency to which he replied as above.


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