Prince Tsegah Hurt Me Bad!- Okraku-Mantey


Mark Okraku-Mantey

Slip Music boss, Mark Okraku-Mantey has disclosed that Prince Tsegah who used to be with Choice FM back in the day offered his platform to some musicians who were signed on to the label to tarnish his reputation.

On a number of occasions, Okraku-Mantey was labeled as a cheat and a thief by some of his artistes including Okuraseni Samuel, Lord Kenya, Nana Quame and Daasebre Dwamena.

Speaking extensively on artiste management, Okraku-Mantey denied ever cheating anyone but averred he holds no grudges against anyone.
Citing his relationship with Prince Tsegah who now works under him at Hitz FM, he said despite the fact that the presenter tainted his image, they work in harmony.

“Prince Tsegah! He hurt me bad years ago. All these ‘Mark is a cheat, Mark is a thief’, he was the conduit. He gave most of these performers the platform to go and say all of those things. And it was an agenda set on paper with Fred Nuamah.

“He [Tsegah] took it personal. He had a show on Choice FM where he talked about trending stories in showbiz but I never hold anything against Prince.

“I didn’t call Prince. He came to me [that he wants to work with Hitz FM]. Ask him. I tease him. I always say, ‘you, you were the one bashing me’. I laugh over it,” he said on Daybreak Hitz, Thursday.

Prince Tsegah now hosts Showbiz Filla on Hitz FM

Touching on why he never engages in verbal altercations, Okraku-Mantey indicated that he chooses his words with care.

“I don’t talk by heart. I mind my language very well because you don’t know where I want to be. You only know my tactical plans; you don’t know my strategic plan in life so my language is something that will judge me one day. I’m very careful with the things I say. I will not call you and insult you,” he said.

For Mark, artistes who labeled him a cheat only sought to earn public sympathy.


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