Preach!Churches Must Pay Instrumentalists – Ps. Josh Laryea

Pastor Josh Laryea believes churches must pay instrumentalists just like pastors are paid since that is their profession. He said this on the TIG Show with Franky5 on Hitz fm. He believes these instrumentalists have families to take care of just like any other responsible person hence the need to pay them.

According to the gospel musician who doubles as a pastor Ps. Josh Laryea, that practice doesn’t make the instrumentalists less spiritual. Since they dedicate their time to the things they do and the only thing they do professionally, it is just prudent to meet their needs by paying them.

However, he feels some of the instrumentalists have put their craft in such a way that they can’t put commercial value on it. He further stated that those instrumentalists have no business to charge since they haven’t groomed themselves for that task.

He also stated that there are some other instrumentalists who play without a fee or allowance in his church because they have they have their professions apart from playing the instruments. He believes those people are doing it to offer God a sacrifice.

Isaac Kwaku Kpogeh (Papa Ike)

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