PREACH! What People Do To Become Celebs In Ghana – Kofi Asamoah

Chief Executive Officer of KOFAS MEDIA, Kofi Asamoah has expressed worry over the route with which people become celebrities in Ghana, stating that, all one has to do is to something crazy to attain the tag of a celebrity.

According to the award-winning movie producer, it’s sad that Ghana’s celebrity spaced has become so cheap that any individual fools and is given the support to excel and become influential.

He said that on Kwese TV while discussing issues in the celebrity space in Ghana and monitored

“Now in Ghana all you need to do is to be sexy, beautiful or extremely ugly, or do something crazy then it goes viral and you become a celebrity,” he mentioned.

He noted that society has plays such a contributory role because support is not provided to people who engage in entrepreneurship or courses that will project the country and make lives better.

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