POST-ELECTION TRAIT: Time To Speak Up, Celebs!

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

The 2020 General and Parliamentary elections are over but one cannot easily forget the activities that characterized the various campaigns, endorsements and all the shenanigans that came with the exercise.

Notably among the happenings of the campaign and elections was the celebrity endorsements that generated all the talk, not only within the creative space but on all fronts of our politics.

Celebrity Endorsements Here To Stay

Celebrity endorsement in Ghana’s politics is yet to be fully accepted but the point must be made that, it is getting quite better. The understanding and appreciation of the fact that, entertainers are permitted to support and endorse political parties and political figures are weak. The expectation was for the acceptance of entertainers dabbling in endorsements to improve but unfortunately, it seemed the understanding did ameliorate, not the acceptance.

Regardless, celebrities and entertainers went all out to offer their support and endorsements for the leading political parties in the country, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) – as it pertained some four years ago.

All Action

Entertainers went all in in their bid to offer some show of support for political parties. Those who did songs, produced them well. Those who used their social media pages for such endorsements never held back while others who went door-to door donned Party colours to proffer policies and promises on behalf of the party. Then there were others who also mounted platforms and joined campaign trails to tout policies and promises to the electorate.

Whether they were paid or they projected their endorsements as a result of personal conviction, it matters less because, the main purpose of using their influence and clout to try and sway the thoughts of their following to the direction of the Parties was achieved.

Interesting Observation

It was intriguing to note how vociferous these entertainers became during the campaign. Some took to their social media handles and bellowed all policies of whichever party they endorsed and bawled all the convincing words to their followers. Others mounted platforms and spoke their hearts on why the populace should vote to the Party of their endorsement and others went on the streets, from door-to door, championing the cause of these political parties.

Regardless of the backlash and the castigations that have become a repugnant characteristic of entertainers showing blatant support for political parties, these guys still went all out to exhibit their succour.

Time to Speak Up & Act

Over the years, the creative industry has been bedeviled with a myriad of issues, many of which required the action of its players – to speak up and remonstrate but unfortunately, we failed to witness such actions.

Interestingly, by virtue of their brazen endorsements of these political parties, these entertainers and industry players showed that, they can really speak up, they can be loud when it matters most and indeed, they can also get on the streets and mount platforms when necessary.

The elections are over but the gnawing issues of the industry pertain, so, these persons should exert the same energy to speak on the ills of the industry. They must muster the same courage and poise to utilize their social media pages to holler issues affecting the industry. They must use the energy to hit the streets and mount platforms to call for drastic changes for the industry when the need arises.


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