Police Must Investigate the George Quaye – VGMA Bribery Allegation – Kwasi Ernest

It was just a matter of time to have somebody to make this call, and intriguingly, it is coming from one of the well-respected stakeholders in the gospel fraternity and Ghana music in general.

Kwasi Ernest Ennin, CEO of Media Excel, has stated that, the Police should investigate the allegations of bribery made by George Quaye some days ago.


Speaking on DayBreak Hitz on Hitz 103.9FM, the Executive Producer/Artist Manager suggested that, bribery allegation in any form is a serious matter and should be handled as such, and he is therefore calling on the Ghana Police Service to commence investigations in the infamous comment passed by the Communications Director for Charterhouse.

He asserted that, with bribery and corruption tagged as a canker in Ghana, it is imperative that the Police also take the talk of bribery in connection with the VGMA seriously.

George Quaye
George Quaye

Mr. Ennin was also gutted about the silence being exhibited by Charterhouse, as an organization. He claimed that the refusal of the firm to release a statement or some communique to that effect goes to show that, something is awry with the organization.

His disappointment was also extended to the VGMA Board, which has also not released any word on the matter and has not disassociated itself from the comments from George Quaye.

When he was prodded as to why, as a panel member on the show, Pundits, when the comment was passed by George, he didn’t react, he responded that – at the time the statement was made, the show was going on a commercial break.

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