‘AM PLUZZ’ On Pluzz FM – Way To Go

Avid entertainment critics and followers alike have groused over the lack of attention paid to entertainment-related issues especially on the morning slot of Ghanaian radio. Many rightly asserted that, the only times, any relevant Radio ‘Morning Show’ programme discusses a showbiz news are only when they are negative news.

Thankfully, Pluzz89.9FM has changed the status quo by introducing what is regarded as the first entertainment morning show in the capital, ‘AM Pluss’ from 7am-10am, Monday-Friday.

Thus far, the show is making positive strides, inculcating everything that needs to be part of must-listen-to morning show but also has few bumps that can easily be fixed.

Presented by Sammy Baah, ‘AM Pluzz’ manages to touch on core issues on almost all sectors within the entertainment industry, providing ample space and time for many issues to be addressed.

Most of the segments that make up the show are quite impressive: Regular judging and critiquing of new songs, showbiz on the streets and panel discussion on the major issues. The cascade of a diverse panel on the week-long show complements the show with its very insightful contributions to matters discussed.

Also impressive is how the show has managed to woo a lot of following since its inception, a testimony of how well entertainment is widely patronized in the country.

However, some aspects of the show must be worked on to cement the show as one, if not the best morning show in the capital.
The host has developed a fine habit of dedicating a chunk of the time in reading SMS from listener; however, he should spread the reading of the messages to cover the entire duration of the show because: it is a drag to tune in and listen to a 30-minute reading of messages. That boredom drives listeners to other platforms, especially when you consider how competitive that slot is.

Secondly, the show was a twi-speaking one until management of the station for some unknown reasons, decided to switch it to English. To put it bluntly, the host is not bad with his articulation in the language, but he is way better speaking, dialoguing and interacting in Twi. The presentation of the show in the local language was better listening-to than what pertains now; there’s clarity, no inhibitions, confidence and flexibility with the local language presentation.

Producers of the show should also extend their tentacles to other sectors within the arts industry; theatre, painting (arts), sculpture, development of the arts in schools, etc.

A little research, no, a thorough research on more relevant topics must be done by producers to add on the already good work being done and less attention should be paid to certain issues that do not warrant precious airtime, especially for a ‘Morning Show’ which is aiming to compete with other ‘Morning shows’ on the dial.

Yes, it is fact that the host is affiliated to a newspaper so, his bias for news in his paper and the promotion of his paper is obvious but he should be made aware that: the show is here for the entire industry, and so relevant news and topics worthy of discussion on other newspapers and online portals should not be ignored.

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