JOURNEY ENDED! TV Africa Disclose Why Shirley Frimpong Manso Resigned

Shirley Frimpong Manso

TV Africa, a private local television station aimed to project Ghanaian and African values has debunked reports that the media house is facing a management crisis.

It has been reported that some top management members of TV Africa have resigned after the after several complaints from workers over unpaid salaries.

The report alleging management crisis came after the news went viral that the Acting Managing Director of TV Africa, Shirley Frimpong Manso has resigned from her post after her appointment early this year. She became Acting Managing Director of the station after the substantive Managing Director, Ekow Blankson resigned from the company to pursue other interests.

Meanwhile prior to Ekow Blankson’s appointment, Mr Kwesi Owusu Asare who was the Managing Director of TV Africa was re-assigned to the Corporate office of Groupè Ideal, the majority shareholders of TV Africa.

Shirley Frimpong Manso prior to her elevation was appointed as Chief Operating Officer of TV Africa to help place the station in a better position within the competitive media market. This was after TV Africa had attracted new shareholders and undergone rebranding of its programmes, style and content.

However, in a report published, Programs Manager at TV Africa Patrice Amagashie stated, the 23-yr-old TV Africa is not in any management crisis and that such report should be disregarded.

Speaking to the resignation of Shirley Frimpong Manso, Patrice Amagashie said Shirley resigned based on Personal reasons and not the reasons being speculated in the media.

We rebranded not long ago and we have very good programmes that are running, there is Video Ride, there is Odo Confession, there is Pae mu ka, the morning show has also been revamped and all that, so it is not as if things are bad, but it gets to a point in time where individuals have their own personal ambitions they want to pursue, so it is something that she just resigned based on her personal decision“.

TV Africa, a private local television station aimed to project Ghanaian and African values in 2016 rebranded and re-launched after 13 years of operation in Ghana.

The re-launch and rebranding move in partnership with Groupe Ideal would provide excellent content and professionalism in broadcasting.

The rebranding includes the logo, content of programmes and style of broadcasting to meet international standards.

Speaking at the re-launch ceremony in Accra in 2016, Kwaw Ansah, Founder of TV Africa, said the new TV Africa would be one of the conduits to getting Africa “into the driver’s seat” although the continent has been relegated to the background by the rest of the world for a long time.

He said the new TV Africa which portrays values such as affable, ambitious, assertive, adept, would promote ethical and professionalism journalism in Ghana and Africa.

Dr Nii Kotei Dzani, President of Groupe Ideal and Board Chair of the Station, said programmes and contents of the TV Africa have been altered to provide excellence and to transmit high-quality programmes on education, development, culture and current affairs with a focus on Ghana and the African continent.

Dr Dzani said the new TV Africa would deliver excellence and professionalism in reporting to add to values of the country.

My vision of TV Africa is to move it to a level that we can be proud as Ghanaians and Africans.  I will make sure Tv Africa becomes analogous to BBC, CNN and Aljazeera in terms of reach and quality of journalism,” he added.

The rebranding process of TV Africa brought on board Ghanaian politician and journalist, Obuobia Darko Opoku, actress Nikki Samonas and Khadijat El- Alawa as morning show hosts.

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