OKAY! ‘I feel good when people say I am arrogant’ – Tinny

Either he is being delusional or his ego is just over his head!

Unlike many public figures who refute claims of being arrogant and rude, Tinny says he enjoys it when people tag him as such – reports!

Speaking in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, he expressed how such comments underscore the fact that he is still relevant in the music space.

“I feel good when people say I am ‘too-known’, I dey rush,” said Tinny. “It means they recognize me.”

He continued, “They should talk about me. I am not the one to talk about them. I prefer they talk about me every time.”

According to the Makola Kwakwe hitmaker, the people who criticize him for his purported snobbish attitude are the same people who encourage him when he decides to be blunt

When asked whether it was a good thing to be labelled “arrogant” and “too-known,” the rapper responded with another question: “What do I do for them to say that?”

“I don’t even know what I do to merit that tag. People I have never met before – people who do now know me say all those things. That is what they say but I care less. I am me [Tinny]. I can’t force people to say otherwise,” he said on Hitz FM.


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