OH,OK! Wutah Afriyie Maybe Stripped Off VGMA Nod If… – Charterhouse

Is there any edition of the VGMAs without any form of controversy? No! – knows this!

This year, there’s already confusion over the category, ‘Audio Engineer of the Year’ where the nomination of artiste, Afriyie Wutah has come under scrutiny.

The confusion stems from the fact that, legendary record producer/Sound Engineer – Appietus is said to merit the nomination as he mixed and mastered the song under question,  “Country Hot”.

Speaking on Hitz FM, PRO for Charterhouse, Robert Klah stated that, Afriyie Wutah could be stripped off his nomination if the Scheme figures out the artiste offered the wrong information that led to his nomination. However, he stated , that the decision is the mandate of the VGMA Board.

On the Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty, Appietus was not amused with the decision by the artiste not to present his name as the one who actually mixed and mastered the song.

“If he wants the award that badly, they should give it to him,”

“If you had told them I mixed the song, they would not have removed you. They will just add your name because I mixed and mastered and you produced and recorded,” he claimed.

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