NPP’s Socrate Safo Is Frustrated! No Funds, No Support, No Hope?

For the past days, a leading member for NPP’s Creative Arts for Change and Director for Creative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC), Mr. Socrate Safo, has been delirious on social media – raising concerns over his current state of mind.

His recent postings tell of a man who is overly frustrated, aggravated and hopeless.

Some of his posts are below;

Findings by, confirmed the fears of many about his rantings that have everything to do with happenings in his Office and Government’s position with the Creative Arts.

The findings show that Mr. Safo’s despondency stems from the fact that, since the NPP assumed office and appointment was offered him as Director at the NCC, no funds have been allocated to his outfit.

The lack of funds and support from the Government to his unit has virtually put all plans, projects and operations of his outfit in limbo.

Interestingly, other sectors under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, including the Creative Arts Council have been given funding for their respective operations.

Clearly, Mr. Safo, who is a staunch member of the party and one of the figureheads that galvanized the many groupings within the Creative space – and helped ensure that the party won the 2016 General Elections – seems sidestepped by decision-makers and policy makers in Government and at the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture.

What makes his situation even more worrisome is the fact that, in the early stages of assumption of power by the party, Mr. Safo is said to have used his own resources and funding to renovate the then dilapidated spacing at the NCC.

He worked his butt off for the party

He is also said to have used his own money to project some initiatives at the NCC including, ‘Zongofest’, ‘Ghana Wear Fair’ and others.

Further checks by this reliable portal also show that, the famed movie producer/director has tried feverishly to seek audience, assistance and direction about his predicament within the party and government – all to such futility.

For quite a longtime, the NCC and its Creative Arts Unit have seen no activities, making the sector redundant.

Zongofest was a success

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