NOT RIGHT! Most Entertainers Fool On Social Media To Be Interviewed-Prince David

Actor Prince David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei has said that currently, the surest way to get interviewed on bigger platforms in Ghana is to fool on social media rather than do great things. took notice!

According to him, hitherto this period, until people in the entertainment industry had done great exploits, they are not granted audience but that does not seem to be the case these days.

He said “Why have we lowered the standards in our entertainment industry???back in the days before a Radio/Television station will interview you then you must have done something remarkable,now just fool anywhere especially on social media then the next thing you being interviewed on top shows”.

He noted that while the media give a listening ear to people who just fool about on social media, they charge people doing great things before they are given audience; something which is very bad and does not augur well for the industry.

He said “Meanwhile, other folks doing great stuffs in the game, have to beg and pay to be interviewed….Stakeholders in the game please wake up!!!No one is hating on no one because it is not even worth it.

He used the opportunity to call on stakeholders to uphold standards in order to help the industry in Ghana grow.

In every institution there are standards,let us not condescend and compromise ours,we are the mirror of society. In case we have forgotten….Long live our Entertainment Industry.

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