NOT REALLY TRUE! A true artiste needs no record label – Stephanie Benson

Record labels do matter. In fact, labels have played such a pivotal role in music business for centuries. A lot of artistes have also made it via independence, not needing the succcour of labels – knows this as fact.

However, some think otherwise!

UK-based Ghanaian Jazz musician Stephanie Benson, born Princess Akua Ohenewaa has said that a true artiste needs no labels to explore – reports!

Stephanie who is also noted for her erotic lifestyle in a tweet said an artiste who is very much talented needs just a stage and imagination.

She tweeted, “A True Artist needs no Labels No Titles, just a stage & imagination. It’s okay to enjoy an artist without The Label, ok to aspire to an artist with nothing to offer but Talent. An artist who shows wealth is lacking in what Money cannot buy Talent & love. Give ur adoration wisely.”

Adding: “Music is Music whatever the genre is. Don’t get caught up in differences. It’s the differences that define us.”

The musician, known for sharing risque footage of herself in July this year warned young men who approach her to be careful what they wish for because she is a sex freak.

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