NOT A GLUTTON! Aim Is To Wet The Appetite Of Viewers-Kwame Dzokoto

Kwame Dzokoto

Ghanaian comedian, broadcaster actor and politician, Seth Kwame Dzokoto has disclosed that, he is never a glutton.

In an interview with, the host of ‘Edziban’ on TV3 disclosed that his style of eating food during the show is to tease the appetite of his viewers and to give them a foretaste of what to expect when they visit the restaurants he features on the show.

“Some people claim I like food but that is relative. Everyone likes food but I am not a glutton because when I eat to my satisfaction I stop. Eating food to your satisfaction is relative”, he disclosed.

According to him, the show is all about food but people misconstrue that to mean he likes food indicating that it is far from the reality.

TV3’s culinary show, Edziban, in 2014 was adjudged as Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana Awards (CIMG) as it was adjudged the CIMG Television Programme of the year

The show, which utilises humour and imagery to explore Ghanaian cuisine joints across the country.

Edziban has been nominated severally in the award scheme that has been rewarding excellence in the past years with the view to, among other things, ensure improved quality of products and services in the country, and stimulate healthy competition among organisations.

By Deborah Kotei

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