NOT EASY TO DO AWARDS: Shatta Wale ‘blasts’ fans & critics who disapprove of his Toyota Camry Award

Over the weekend, one of the most influential artists for the year 2016, Shatta Wale, capped off a good year with a brilliant initiative of awarding his true fans, who, according to him, have stayed true to helping push his career over the years.

He rewarded some of his fans, in what he called, the SM Honors, where some took home HP Laptops and IPhones, with the ultimate winner, Sekley Moses, walking home with the Toyota Camry car.


Well, as expected, not every fan was enthused about the awards and expressed their concerns on how some fans did not win anything.

Some critics also questioned the credibility of the process that led to the names of the respective winners, with some calling the awards a ‘fan friend award’.

Sekley Moses - winner
Sekley Moses – winner

The talk that arose after the awards is typical of the varied talk that engulfs major award schemes in the country; talk of credibility, transparency and due processes.

Ironically, the main organizer of the very successful initiative, SM Honors, Shatta Wale, who has been a strong critic of major music awards in the country – lashed out heavily via his social media platform, at critics who had issues with his awards.



One fan, whose name was mentioned as a true fan of the Shatta Movement Empire, who has stayed loyal for years but failed to pick up any award is  one Ernest Eturu Obuah.

Many SM Fans after congratulating the winner, Sekley Moses, also mention how unfair it seems for Ernest not to have picked an award.

Below is how the awards were given out at the Tigo Festival of Lights & Music featuring Shatta Wale – courtesy

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