NOT DISRESPECTFUL! Just Like All Shows, This Is Her Unique Style Of Presentation-Sister Sandy Of AdomTV

Sister Sandy of Adom TV

Host of Badwam Ahosepe on Adom TV, Sister Sandy, has expressed sadness towards critics labeling her as a disrespectful presenter who doesn’t pay attention to the feelings of her interviewees and audience. reported!

According to Sandy, she has received lots of bashing and rude messages after she interviewed controversial gospel musician, Brother Sammy, on Adom TV last Monday.

The presenter, in an interview with’s Denis Adu, says even though he respects the opinions of viewers of her show, the interpretations put on her encounter with Brother Sammy were wrong.

“I take feedback from my audience seriously because it is the only way to grow in this very fast-paced industry so I see this as part of the learning curve”, she said.

“That segment on the show is where controversial people are invited. We have invited Counsellor Lutterodt, Avram Ben Moshe and others… The idea is to ask hard-hitting questions and seek answers regardless. It’s a whole team’s idea that is why people think I’m rude and unprofessional”, she explained.

“I woke up to a lot of very unfortunate messages and that is not good…”, she lamented.

“My mom’s phone rings every second and she is always calling me regarding to that. I understand this is showbiz and presenters are attacked but this is off the hook…” the Adom TV host added.

Sister Sandy says she wants her fans to understand that what she does is a “show” and just like all shows, it has its unique style and strategy of presentation.

Here is the interview:


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