When there are no movie scripts: Lydia Forson Back on the theater stage

It is ideal to have movie stars juggle between the movie sets and theater as done in Hollywood and other industries, but here in Ghana; the point must be made that, the release of English-oriented movies has dwindled drastically, so, it makes business sense that our actors find solace in other venture – can argue!

It therefore comes as little surprise to have award-winning female actor, Lydia Forson, whose last major film was in 2014’s ‘ A Letter From Adam’ – make the business decision of going back to feature in a theater production.

According to Francis Addo of, the famed actress is all prepped up to feature in a play titled, ‘Whose Daughter Is She’ – a production that tackles the pressures of society when it comes to marriage and the desperation and length both men and women go through to fit in and gain acceptance.

“When I read the script initially, I didn’t see just how deep the story was, but when I finally sat down with my cast mates and discussed the story I was moved how deeply it resonates with a lot of people I know and even myself. It’s not doubt that women are constantly pressurized to get married but the story explores this in a way that many have never truly looked at,” she said.

Lydia in 'A Letter from Adam'
Lydia in ‘A Letter from Adam’

The last time she featured in any stage drama was in 2010, in the controversial stage play, ‘Vagina Monologue’.

The ‘Whose Daughter Is She’ play tour parts of Ghana, starting from Takoradi, Cape Coast, Sunyani, and finally to Kumasi. Takoradi’s show is slated for November 13 at the Akroma Plaza.

On her expectations, she stated; “I’ve only done stage a few times and it’s both frightening and exciting but I love that the audience get to see me perform live, no edit, nowhere to run, just a raw performance.”

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