NO DUMBNESS! Wendy Shay Apologizes To MzGee For ‘Disrespect’

There’s no pain anymore! Wendy Shay and Joy News’ MzGee have finally made up after ‘The Dumb’ question incident.

The Rufftown girl has apologized to Mzgee in a face to face interaction over her ‘this is a dumb question’ incident that happened months ago when she was been interviewed by MzGee reports!

The “Uber driver” singer was unhappy when the “Gee Spot” host posed the question, “Who is Wendy Shay?”

The question by MzGee was a follow up to Wendy Shay’s call that “Ghanaians should accept her for who Wendy Shay is” during the interview.

During the Drive Time on Joy FM, the singer apologised to MzGee for snubbing her when she asked the question.

Wendy explained she never meant any disrespect and that she is still adjusting herself to the music industry.

MzGee who also opened up said she was also met with some backlash after the interview went viral on social media and has picked up some lessons from the episode.

In the photos below, the two are seen hugging and smiling as they’ve decided to let the past to be in the past.

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